What NationBuilder brings to investment promotion

Originating investment leads and reaching out to potential investors can be hard. Customer relationship systems have helped streamline the process, by tracking the different tasks (identifying prospects, managing roadshows and investor events, following up on leads by phone or email, ...)

However, the process remains manual to update the CRM system, to maintain the relationship with potential investors.

New online solutions help maintain a long term engagement through : content marketing, social media outreach and an ambassadors strategy. Who can promote your offering to potential investors, better than existing happy investors?

We've integrated NationBuilder -a leading social media outreach platform- with the FDI Magnet fabric : a set of tools and methodologies to reach out to potential investors, through :

  1. existing happy investors;
  2. well targeted international / expatriate / diaspora networks;
  3. renown influencers in the global investment community.

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About FDI Magnet

FDI Magnet is NamSorâ„¢ offering for Investment Promotion. We use our unique data mining software to offer differentiated Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) services.
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