Looking forward to MIPIM2017!

We're headed to MIPIM and look forward to seeing you in the sunny city of Cannes.

Paris City, Paris Region and France will make billions of euros of investments in the "Grand Paris" (Greater Paris Project). At MIPIM2017, they will invite foreign investors to join.

Is this important? Yes.

  • Vacancy is high (1);
  • 75% of commercial real estate investment in France are concentrated in Paris Region; Between 2012 and 2015, the share of foreign investors in commercial real estate investment has dropped from 70% to 40% (2);
  • Returns have dropped (3)



(4) Emerging Tends in Commercial Real Estate

Yet, the BREXIT -and possibly also the US situation- offer an opportunity to turn things around to attract FDI in the banking and services sector.

There is a plan to MAKE PARIS GREAT AGAIN! Read the brochure of Paris / Paris Region here.

We look forward to seeing you in Cannes. And let's enjoy a GUINNESS at Morrisson's with the Irish and American folks on Thursday.

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