Did Tunisia2020 miss the point?

Tunisia2020 was to be a great achievement to engage Tunisia’s economic partners into bringing FDI into the country. Was it successful? We’ve asked #Tunisia2020 participants.


The conference was designed as a pure communication exercise – with the word ‘investment’ blurred to a point when it was no longer possible to distinguish productive job-creating foreign direct investment, conditioned loans, international aid or PPP (Public-Private Partnerships). 13 billion dollars of such 'investment' were promised during the conference.

Despite a grand venue, prominent speakers and the hospitality of Tunisian hosts, the conference hardly attracted the international press attention. Communication efforts were entirely focused on the French-speaking media. And despite the score of journalists flown to the conference, all they had to report about Tunisia2020 was Manuel Valls’ slip of the tongue.

Tunisia and the Tunisian people deserve better. Let’s hope a next edition will be focused on private, productive FDI – not communication and politics.


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